About us

My Digital Newspaper is the leading search engine for digital newspapers, giving readers unrivalled access to international, national and regional newspapers – online.

Our search tool will highlight key terms or phrases within your favourite newspaper. The search can also be segmented by country, publication, date and even the type of title, as we have a range of supplements, archived, daily, weekly, monthly, free and paid titles.

Using My Digital Newspaper enables you to search, find, buy, compare and share a broad spectrum of newspapers, from all across the world! Whether you are interesting in your local news, or researching international stories, enjoy a huge variety of newspaper digital editions with My Digital Newspaper.

Who we are

My Digital Newspaper is the world’s first website designed specifically for you to search, read, review, share, save and enjoy leading international, national and regional digital newspapers. My Digital Newspaper is powered by PageSuite, the leading provider of digital edition software, whose titles are read by over a million unique visitors per month.

My Digital Newspaper went live in August 2009, with over 520 titles from 60 newspaper publishers, from all over the world. My Digital Newspaper will keep growing, with more titles, more archives and more publishers going live very soon.

We want newspapers to be enjoyed by everyone, publishers to reach all their communities, and readers to search, understand and discover new stories, information and publications.