Frequently Asked Questions

How does My Digital Newspaper work?

Hundreds of newspapers are updated on My Digital Newspaper all day, every day, so you get access to the latest newspaper editions around the clock, even before they hit the newsstand.

What are digital newspapers?

Digital newspapers are exact replicas of your favourite printed version, delivered in exceptional quality online. Simply click on your chosen newspaper on My Digital Newspaper and read away! Many publishers have added interactivity, including rich media, tools to share articles and a search facility within each publication too.

Can I print / download / save digital newspapers?

The majority of publishers allow readers of their digital editions to print, download and save any of their titles. This is solely the decision of the newspaper publisher, and can be a great tool for many customers to read newspapers offline or on a portable device.

What does it cost to use My Digital Newspaper / buy a digital newspaper?

My Digital Newspaper does not cost anything to use, it is a free resource to search and find your favourite newspaper online. We have hundreds of titles, some are free, some paid for and some are supplements.

What if my favourite newspaper isn't on My Digital Newspaper?

We are working hard with publishers all over the world to increase the volume & variety of newspapers on My Digital Newspaper. Do let your favourite newspaper publisher know, let us know too, and keep checking back as we hope to keep launching titles and deliver quality digital editions to you.

What if I want to publish a digital newspaper?

My Digital Newspaper is powered by PageSuite, the market leader in online publishing and digital editions. PageSuite Professional software is used by all My Digital Newspaper publishers to convert their titles into engaging digital newspapers. PageSuite Professional also includes marketing tools, such as e-alerts, off page advertising, landing pages and comprehensive analytics.